Phrasal Verbs in Business

Commonly used phrasal verbs in business language


Example: The report breaks down the results region by region.

Meaning: to divide something into parts

bring up

Example: Our boss brings up this mistake on every meeting.

Meaning: to mention, to say

call off

Example: The department meeting is called off this week, we will have to reschedule.

Meaning: to cancel

catch up with

Example: I have just came back from holiday and I have to catch up with my e-mails.

Meaning: to do something, that should have been done. 

cut down

 Example: This new system should cut down the time spent in meetings.

Meaning: to reduce

deal with

Example: We will have to deal with newcomers training next month.

Meaning: to handle or to work on

drop off

Example: Business dropped off a little during the summer.

Meaning: to decrease in level, value, price etc.

get back

Example: Please, get back to me as soon as possible.

Meaning: to reply

look into

Example: We have received a complaint from our VIP client. Could you please look into it?

Meaning: to investigate, to learn more about something

look through

Example: They had to look through all of last month’s receipts to find the one they wanted.

Meaning: to search through many items

look for

Example: they are looking for candidates that speak English and German.

Meaning: to search

look up

Example:  Everybody looks up to our teamleader.

Meaning: to respect

point out

Example: Everyone was surprised when she pointed out the accounting department’s mistake.

Meaning: to indicate, to specify

put off

Example: The meeting has been put off for a week.

Meaning: to postpone, to delay

set up

Example: I will set up a conference call for Friday morning.

Meaning: to arrange

take over

Example: Ben will take over the sales department and become its new manager.

Meaning: to get control or resposibility

think through

Example: It is a complicated situation, I need to think it through

Meaning: to consider carefully

work out

Example: Can we work something out here?

Meaning: to agree